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I have been to other audiologists in the area but liked Audibell better. Michael helped gave me a hearing test and showed me what hearing aids worked best for me in a very timely manner. I will be returning in the future if I ever need help again, which I will because I have a hearing loss in both ears. He was straight up and honest with me and really knew how to explain to me about my options. Thank you Audibell Hearing!

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Michelle Mitchell, on Google

Todd was absolutely great while walking me through the process of buying hearing aids. What a difference they make! Todd was very informative and called the next day to see how I was doing. Highly recommend Todd and Audibel.

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Gordon Bell, on Google

Dr. Michael is a person who actually cares about my hearing. He is straight forward and let's me know the extent of my hearing loss. I am very thankful for his honesty. He wants to help me as best he can. My hearing will never be what it was, but I believe that he will do what he can to work with me to help me to hear better. I was impressed and felt very comfortable. I would recommend him highly. His wife is very nice and I enjoyed talking with her. They both make you feel at ease and you can tell that they care about their patients.

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Debra Comer, on Google

Fantastic service. My husband got hearing aids. The man working with him showed care and is extremely helpful. I would recommend this place if you want to be treated fair and honest.

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Cheryl Suter, on Google

Wow, what amazing service. I was in town visiting and had some issues with my Phonak hearing aids. I stopped in just after they opened and was taken care of immediately. My ear molds were cleaned and I was given instructions on how to fix the paring issue I had with my iPhone. Dr. Michael was absolutely fantastic. Wish I could give more than 5 stars.

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Chris Quillen, on Google

Great customer service and great products! Technician was very helpful helping setup new hearing aid explaining how to use them

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Thomas Izzard, on Google

I’m very pleased with the hearing aides I purchase at Audible with Michael. They are made in America which means alot. Michael always goes above and beyond to make sure I’m happy with my hearing aides. If they need adjusting he is always available on short notice to do that. Service after the sale is so important because that’s when you most need attention to keep your hearing aides perfect for you. I recommend Audible Hearing and I think you will be happy also.

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Janae Anne, on Google

Audibel Hearing Center has been a great discovery. Michael fitted me with a brand new set of hearing aids. I have severe hearing loss, and he has made all the adjustments to my hearing aids, so that I can have a normal life. The staff is extremely courteous, and helpful, making appointments, as well as sending out reminders for each appointment. absolutely five star service! Thank you Audibel.

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Chris Williams, on Google

Dr. Mike and his staff were extremely informative and helpful in assisting my daughter through her process. Dr. Mike had an abundance of empathy and personable support to ensure she had the best equipment and experience possible.

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Misha Montgomery, on Google

Mike was very professional and personable. Theresa was a “smile” on the phone and very helpful. Great 😊 overall experience and highly recommended to friends and family.

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Anthony Caruso, on Google

I needed my hearing aids looked at before my meeting and receptionist hooked me up for a quick fix. She was wonderfull along with Michael. Thank you..hearing aids work awsome..they showed me how to quickly clean them out

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Michelle Mitchell, on Google

Michael is always very thorough. He knows his business inside and out. He is very professional. After I bought my hearing aids, I sent my husband to him to buy his. I would definitely recommend him!

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Laurie Scherer, on Google

This was an awesome experience for me with a new hearing aid center. Micheal is very knowledgeable, professional and honest. He did not rush the appt. and was awesome at answering all my questions. He also called the company that may be paying for the aids to see if they had any questions. Also, thank you Michael for noting the heavy wax in my ear and assistance in getting it out so the hearing test would be accurate.

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Kay Davis, on Google

Several months ago I decided it was time to shop for hearing aids. I talked to several different providers. I met Todd at AUDIBEL hearing center in Indian Land, S.C. Todd and I talked about the different types and what would be the best for me. After he tested my hearing, he was able to tell me what my issues were and how to help my situation. I expected him to hand me the $10,000.00 pair and say, “THIS IS THE PAIR YOU NEED”! Todd chose a mid-range pair and say, “ this is the pair that I recommend for you “ and they were very affordable. He explained that I didn’t need a more expensive pair, and thought the least expensive pair would not be satisfactory. Todd explained all the pros and cons of all the hearing aids available. I put on a sample pair and was impressed with what I was able to hear. Todd looked up what my insurance company would pay as well as my co-pay. I was very pleased. He notified me when the hearing arrived. I went to pick them up and he “fine tuned” them to me. Todd showed me all about the hearing aids, along with literature explaining how to operate and adjust them, to take home. Todd’s experience, knowledge and customer service was outstanding. Going back to see Todd for “ follow up appointments “ was a pleasure. Very professional and helpful. His honesty and integrity is Impeccable. I got a few of his business cards and given them to friends, that are looking for hearing aids. I am very satisfied with Todd and my new hearing aids. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Todd a 12 !! Bill H. Indian Land, S.C.

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BILL HALSEY, on Google

Michael is amazing! He genuinely cares about your well-being and does everything he can to get you hearing as best as possible. I HIGHLY recommend going to see Michael at Audibel for your hearing needs.

E Donovan

I got my hearing aids from Michael after my son and grandson got theirs from the Audibel Hearing Center in Rock Hill. Michael performed a thorough audiometry examination, fitted my hearing aids and has been very helpful in helping me maintain them.

Sandy Desch

Awesome experience.
Staff is very knowledgeable and listens to your concerns. They really care about you.

Alan Wilson

I tried all kinds of online gadgets and none of them worked. I finally went to see Michael at Audibel Hearing center and my hearing problems were over. I really like working with Michael he really helped me get the financing and understanding everything about my hearing aid be for I left his office

Robert Marz

Michael has been an amazing provider to my mother for over 15 years. He is truly dedicated to his craft and delivers care in the most thoughtful manner. Beyond honest he has professional integrity putting patient needs and budgets first. I recommend him to all with hearing needs.

Joe Meyer

Very happy with the service and professionalism displayed by Michael. I bought 1 hearing aid yrs ago from a local competitor that was also an ENT specialist and was overcharged. I bought 2 from Audibel for what I pd for that other one. Any issues are quickly resolved. I highly recommend seeing Michael if you have the need for hearing aids. He will not sell you something you don’t need and will be an honest man to deal with. Michael got my right ear so I can hear in it after being told by ENT. I would never hear in it

Byron Scherer