Todd Tambling

SC-HAS # 0526
NBC-HIS #1134

As a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in both North and South Carolina, I help people who are suffering from hearing loss. Whether it is not being able to understand what a child or people in a meeting are saying, hearing your spouse, or even hearing the birds sing, hearing loss has a profound impact on our lives and the lives of those we love.

I am a graduate of the University of Virginia and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Field Artillery branch of the US Army. A Desert Storm Veteran: I attained the rank of Captain before pursuing interests in the civilian market. After working in the Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research industries, I was ready for a change and became a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. This was not a random decision. I have suffered from hearing loss from my service in the military and my passion for competing in pistol competitions. I know firsthand the impact that hearing loss has had on my career and personal life.

As a Board Certified, Hearing Instrument Specialist, I am able to use my clinical and personal experience to help others who suffer from hearing loss. I can not see myself doing anything that is as rewarding or as fun as what I am doing today!